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Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are as critical to your product as any other electronic component. The general description of a “wire harness” vs. “cable assembly” can be misleading considering the significant range of technologies, configurations, specifications, and product performance that can be realized from their implementation. Regardless of their application, reliable electronic products delivered on-time and cost-effectively are a must.

DYC Electronic offers a set of industry-leading solutions for wire harnesses and cable assemblies. OEM clients benefit from DYC’s internal capabilities and the capabilities of a vast global network of supply chain partners.

Expanded EMS Services & Electronic Materials

Clients of DYC Electronic benefit from a breadth of wire, cable, insulation material, and wire management product availability. DYC produces custom and OEM electrical/electronic connectors for virtually all industries and requirements. Beyond materials, DYC offers an expanded set of services including design, processing, testing, and regulatory compliance consulting.

Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Applications

Battery Cable
Circuit Protection/Suppression
Coaxial Cable
Control Cable
Cord Sets
Data & Communications Cable
DC Power Jacks & Plugs Overmolded Cables
Fiber Optic Cable
Fixture Wire
GPS / Data Acquisition
Harsh Environment IP67/IP68 Overmolded Cable Assemblies
Harsh Environment Shielded Overmolded Cable Assemblies
High Temperature & High Voltage
Hook-up & Lead Harnesses
Industrial Automation Cable
Marine & Shipboard Wire & Cable
Motor & Drive Cable
Multi-Conductor Cable
Networking Cable (CAT5, CAT6, CAT7)
Nurse Call
Photovoltaics (PV)
Power Cables & Portable Cords
Ribbon Cable
RJ45 Telephone Cable
Robotic & Flexing Electronic Cable
Safety and Security
Sensor (M8, M12, M18, M20) Overmolded Cables
Shielded Mini XLR Overmolded Cables
Shipboard Wire & Cable
Sound/Security/Fire Alarm
Standard End Cable Assemblies
Transit & Locomotive Cable
Transit & Locomotive Cable
UL & CSA Styles

Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Services

Automated Wire Cut, Strip and Terminate
Cable Coiling
Customization Services
Kitting and Custom Packaging

Sertifikalar & Uyumluluk

DYC Electronic kapsamlı bir teknoloji araştırma ve geliştirme sistemi kurmuştur.

✔ CCC sertifikası
✔ ISO9001:2015 sistem sertifikası
✔ ISO14001:2015 sistem sertifikası
✔ ISO13485:2016 sistem sertifikası
✔ IATF16949 sistem sertifikası
✔ Tedarik zinciri yönetim sistemi
✔ MES süreç izlenebilirlik sistemi
✔ Çevre yönetim sistemi


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