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How to ensure that PCBA board delivery to the customer is intact?

After the SMT patch proofing of the SMT small batch patch processing factory is completed, some follow-up processing procedures, such as testing, assembly, etc., are required. After all the electronic processing links are completed, it is delivered to the customer. It is relatively easy to be disturbed by various factors in the delivery and transportation […]

Cleaning methods and requirements of the circuit board

Every PCB assembly manufacturer must adhere to proper cleaning standards. Now the appearance of the circuit board cleanliness requirements are more and more strict, without affecting the work of the board, our DYC factory has been working hard to deliver a clean circuit board to each customer。   1.Comply with IPC-5704 All medical device development […]


TWELVE BEST PCB DESIGNING SOFTWARE TOOLS In the market there is a large variety of PCB design software available. Some are proprietary, some are free to use online, and others are industrial grade PCB software. The following is a list of software EDA tools which PCB HERO Inc has compared for their performance. ALTIUM DESIGNER […]

The relationship between component assembly yield and component direction in 0201

On the test board, the components are placed in two directions, 0 ° and 90 °. Determine whether component orientation (0 ° and 90 °) significantly affects the yield of assembly by analyzing paired samples. The 0 ° direction indicates that both ends of the component pass through the furnace simultaneously, while the 90 ° direction indicates […]

Suggestions for EMC design inspection of PCB layout

According to the PCB design process, after the PCB layout was completed, a rigorous review process is required to determine whether the designed product meets the ESD or EMI requirements. Excluding schematic design, PCB design generally required to review both layout and wiring. DYC Electronics will introduce EMC design suggestions for PCB layout.   EMC […]

Learn the general layout rules of PCB

In PCB layout design, the layout of components is crucial. It determines the neatness and beauty of the circuit board and the length and number of printed circuits, which has a certain impact on the reliability of the entire machine. In addition to realizing the principle function, a good circuit board must also consider electrical […]


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