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PCB Design Service

PCB design is the entire process of creating printed circuit boards (PCBs) through collaboration and integration across multiple disciplines and fields, including electrical, mechanical, software, systems, testing, and manufacturing. This is a team effort that requires continuous two-way communication. The design of printed circuit boards is based on circuit schematics to achieve the functions required by circuit designers. The design of printed circuit boards mainly refers to layout design, which needs to consider various factors such as external connection layout, optimized layout of internal electronic components, optimized layout of metal connections and through-holes, electromagnetic protection, thermal dissipation, etc. Excellent layout design can save production costs and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation. Simple layout design can be achieved manually, while complex layout design requires the use of computer-aided design (CAD).

A schematic diagram is a representation used to illustrate the working principle of equipment electrical and the functions of various electrical components, as well as the relationships between them .

PCB layout is the process by which engineers transform theoretical principles into practical operations, experiments, and production of circuit boards based on the characteristics of institutional circuits, customer needs, and various cost conditions.

DYC: Your Best PCB Design & Layout Supplier in China

DYC is not only a PCB and PCBA manufacturer but also supply the PCB design service, we provide PCB custom design (advanced PCB design) services and PCB fabrication all under one roof, we offer high performance and high-reliability PCB design, high speed, and high-density PCB design, A/D mixed PCB design, Analog, RF PCB design to meet customer’s different PCB Design & Layout requirements.

  • 100+ PCB Design & Layout projects per year
  • Outstanding designers with 10+ working experiences.
  • 7/24 Live-Verkauf und technische Unterstützung
  • Complete Design Software such as Cadence Allegro\ORCAD, Mentor WG\PADS..etc
  • 6 hours PCB Layout expedite services

From Schematic Design To PCB Layout

If you have detailed requirement ideas in mind, and want to request a circuit design in schematic file, DYC Design team will be here for you;

If you want to request a PCB Gerber file design drawings that match to your schematic file, DYC Layout engineers are here for you;

If you have obsolete printed circuit board looking for PCB Copy or PCB clone or BOM list making, DYC design & Layout service will be your perfect choice.

No matter you are an electrical engineer, a product designer, a system integrator or a maker looking for a low cost PCB design, DYC design & Layout team will be here to help you develop your PCB design projects.

At DYC we can answer any PCB Design & Layout questions that you may have, please feel free to contact us anytime for your custom PCB design projects.

DYC PCB design capability can support :

Min.trace width 2.5mil,
Min trace spacing 2.5mil,
Min vias 6mil ( 4mil laser drilling),
Max layer count 32 layers,
Min BGA spacing 0.4mm,
Max BGA Pin 2500pin,
Max High speed signal 12G differential signal,
HDI highest Layer count 18 layers,
fastest delivery time 6 hours per item.

Product types: Data communication products

  • Optical network products
  • Multimedia products
  • Network products
  • Medical products
  • Aerospace products
  • Industrial control products

Chip types: Network processing series

  • Intel server series
  • Freescale Power P-C series
  • Samsung ARM series
  • DDR 3 & DDR 4 series

Design software:

  • Cadence Allegro\ORCAD, Mentor WG\ PADS, Protel 99\ Altium Designer ( AD)

Zertifizierungen & Konformität

DYC Electronic hat ein umfassendes technologisches Forschungs- und Entwicklungssystem eingerichtet.

✔ CCC-Zertifizierung
✔ Zertifizierung des Systems nach ISO9001:2015
✔ Zertifizierung des Systems nach ISO14001:2015
✔ Zertifizierung des Systems nach ISO13485:2016
✔ Zertifizierung des Systems nach IATF16949
✔ System zur Verwaltung der Lieferkette
✔ MES-System zur Rückverfolgbarkeit von Prozessen
✔ Umweltmanagementsystem


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