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Quality, On-Time Delivery & Alignment with Budget

У вас есть проект электронной сборки, с которым мы можем помочь?


Global Supply Chain & Material Management

DYC Electronic’ contract electronic manufacturing and global supply engagements provide our OEM client partners a breadth of experience in the address of their project and business goals. This breadth of experience includes leveraging a comprehensive range of:

Raw materials and commodity products
Sub-contract, build-to-order, direct and distribution suppliers
North American and off-shore supply sources
Relative qualification and logistics for establishing and maintaining consistent quality supply relationships
Whether your requirements are for discrete buy, build and deliver contract electronic manufacturing or you have a more complex product demand to fulfillment challenge, DYC’s EMS services will deliver a solution set ensuring quality, on-time, and budget objectives are achieved.

DYC Electronic Quality Management System

DYC’s Quality Management System outlines our practices regarding material management and supplier engagements. Our ISO 9001 & 13485 certifications confirm our execution to them. Vendor selection considers their: value-add services and capabilities, regulatory status, past performance with delivery and cost, facility survey results and market feedback. In addition, their performance is evaluated on a range of criteria including: On-time delivery; Pricing management; Sampling and first production yields; Defect rates, responsiveness to material rejects, warranty issues and corrective actions; and Customer service 。

The MES process traceability system can better ensure the legality and compliance of processes, and is also a quality assurance system for the final produced products .

Global Supply Chain and Material Management Capabilities

EMS’ Global Supply Chain and Material Management Capabilities include:

Поиск компонентов
Demand Replenishment
Excess Inventory Mitigation
Global Supplier Contracts
Inventory Control and Receiving
Just In Time (JIT)
Material Management
Pull System
Supply Chain Management Services

Строим на заказ
Настроить под заказ
Custom Labeling
Custom Packaging
Customized Manufacturing and Fulfillment Solutions
Packaging Solutions
Product Setup and Software Loading
Retail Packaging
Turn-Key, Consignment and Hybrid Models
Warranty Repair

Handling of Returns
Shipment Tracking & Notification
Third Party Logistics / 3PL
Transportation Management
Warehouse Management
Worldwide Shipping

Сертификация и соответствие

Компания DYC Electronic создала комплексную систему исследования и разработки технологий.

✔ Сертификация CCC
✔ Сертификация системы ISO9001:2015
Сертификация системы ✔ ISO14001:2015
✔ Сертификация системы ISO13485:2016
✔ Сертификация системы IATF16949
✔ Система управления цепочками поставок
✔ Система отслеживания процессов MES
✔ Система экологического менеджмента


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